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The terms of OMR dealer

     Welcome to be our agency if you meet the following terms:

  • The company that dealt or dealing with OMR¡¢answer sheet¡¢software¡¢scanner¡¢computers or computer peripherals¡¢IT teaching equipment¡¢teaching apparatus or the one specialized in the service of exam.
  • The company that has a good friendship with the ministry of education¡¢examination organization or government purchase organization.
  • The company that has the qualification of participating in government purchase or bid.
  • The company that has the complete business licence, tax registration, the independent decision-making power over export and import activities, the I.D of corporation¡¢the document that can show its intelligence and credit standing.
  • The company that has a good sales network.
  • Welcome to e-mail or MSN consultation.   MSN: nhiibj@hotmail.com

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